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Gun Control Add On The Superbowl - In Some Areas...


Regular Member
Jul 14, 2010
Those mayors need to get a lawyer to help them understand what the laws are, they are making assumptions and then coming to some conclusions that are waaaaay out there.


Mayor Larry MacDonald
Bayfield, WI

Mayor Keith Bosman
Kenosha, WI

Mayor Paul R. Soglin
Madison, WI

Mayor Justin M. Nickels
Manitowoc, WI

Mayor Chris L. Meyer
Marshfield, WI

Mayor Tom Barrett
Milwaukee, WI

Mayor Al Richards
Saint Francis, WI

Some of the usual suspects, but also some places you'd think the worst thing they'd worry about other stuff first.


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Jul 26, 2011
North of Madison
Mayors and More



Nothing to do with Wisconsin. More of a nation wide (long) article and "Gun Control" the upcoming election year...


Yes bloomberg (NY) and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino (MASS)

New York and Massachusetts.... Now look at obama Anti 2A now look at Romeny (MASS) presidential hopeful ANTI 2A no matter which way we turn we a SCREWED Bluded and Tattooed. I can not and will not vote for either of these two anti 2A . Mass was one of the ORIGINAL 13 colonies that were against oppression MASS has bad laws for @ a supporters. so we be hosed no matter what when we elect our next president/....///
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Sep 1, 2010
S.E. Wisconsin
I see no other way than to vote for Ron Paul. People need to take a stand in life and the Second Amendment is about the most important thing in my mind.
The only person running for President with a love for the Second Amendment and the Constitution is Ron Paul.
I don't care if he has to run for a third party, he will get my vote.
He has a sincere love for this Country and the principles that it was founded on.
As for all the others, The Constitution of the United States is not OUTDATED, nor does it need to be revised.