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Holiday Gift for Lawfully Armed Citizens from Mpls Police/Star Tribune

B. Reddy

Regular Member
Jul 9, 2011
Orange County, Virginia
Looks like a lawfully armed citizen saved a shopkeeper from a couple of armed robbers. Nice going,Mr. Dosser!

I don't know which thing I like better, that the MPD spokesman had something nice to say about LACs -OR- that the Star Tribune printed it!

On Wednesday, police spokesman John Elder called Dosser’s actions “a noble thing. He acted honorably. Did this person possibly save [Ahmed’s] life? Absolutely.”

Police generally advise people to call 911 rather than try to stop a crime themselves, and on Wednesday, Elder also warned that having a permit to carry a gun doesn’t let someone act as a police officer.

“The permit system is different, obviously, than having a police officer’s license,” Elder said. “When people get a permit to carry, they are instructed not to intercede into a crime that is occurring. It’s solely for personal protection.”


Seasons Greetings!


Jan 14, 2012
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