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House Judiciary committee approved HB 398 = Repeal PPP mandates


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
HB 398, 2nd edition, quote:
3 The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:
4 SECTION 1.(a) G.S. 14-402 through G.S. 14-405 and G.S. 14-407.1 are repealed.
5 SECTION 1.(b) G.S. 14-315(b1)(1) is repealed.
6 SECTION 1.(c) G.S. 122C-54(d2) is repealed.
7 SECTION 2. Prosecutions for offenses committed before the effective date of this
8 act are not abated or affected by this act, and the statutes that would be applicable but for this act
9 remain applicable to those prosecutions.
10 SECTION 3. This act is effective when it becomes law and applies to pistols sold,
11 given away, transferred, purchased, or received on or after that date.

While acknowledged as a hold over from the 'Jim Crowe' era allegedly meant to keep people of colour from purchasing handguns in today's era it is also keeping handguns out of those NC citizens who's past nefarious criminal deeds have not be adequately reported from LEs to the FBI's magic overseer's database which FFLs use to adjudicate a citizens right to purchase a firearm...

an example, billy bob >21 legal dependent of a do nothing known criminal family in NC wants to purchase a handgun - applys for the PPP and sheriff says no based on the family ties...billy bob goes to county court...judge agrees!
an example, billy bob also need mental health clearance from local MH facilities.

an example...church shooting in texas where USAF officials failed to submit necessary upstream to overseer's database.
an example...documented~ parkland shooter's family visited family numerous times...sheriff deputies failed to send necessary data upstream.
an example...FEDX shooting...LE took first firearm away from shooters home...failed...blah blah blah
need more example hollar...

this is pure and simple a NC sheriff's ploy to gain $$$ since 5 PPPs cost 5$ while the mandated CHP is 75$+ for training and then >85$ for sheriff office to process -- >90 days.

our legislative overseers are so worried about people of colour they should concentrate on the FED judge's order to correct gerrymandering from 4+ years ago...

Pure and simple BS of special interest nonsense