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"How do you get away with that?"

Task Force 16

Campaign Veteran
Jul 20, 2008
Lobelville, Tennessee, USA
imported post

Last weekend I ran up to the McDonals at exit 143 on I-40 to get a bite to eat.

Just as I was getting out of my truck to go in anotehr gentlman was walking to his car, which I had parked next to. He spotted my SA.45 revolver in it's cross draw holster on my belt and got a somewhat concerned but more curious expression on his face. Then he stopped me and wanted to ask me something.

It went like this.

Him: Excuse me, but can I ask you something?

me: Sure

him: H-How do you get away with that?

Me: (I smiled and play a little dumb) Get away with what?

Him: (pointing at my sidearm) With carrying a gun like that?

me: You mean holstered on my belt like this?

Him: Yeah

me: I have a Handgun carry permit.

Him: But I thought those permits were for concealed carry.

Me: Oh no, sir. With our carry permit we can carry concealed or openly, our choice.

him: You can? I didn't know that. I'm from the Knoxville area and I haven't seen anyone carry their handguns out in the open like that.

Me: Well, you may not have been in the right place at the right time. I'm sure people carry openly over there. It's a small percentage of HCP holders that carry openly.

him: Then why do you choose to carry openly rahter than concealed?

me: I figure I'm less likely to have to use my sidearm by carrying it in the open than I would if it was hidden from view. The BG's don't want to get hurt and will generally not commit a crime against or in the vacinity of some one they can see is armed. They are more likely to move on to someone else that doesn't appear to be armed.

HIm: (He thought for a few seconds) So, you're saying that if you were standing in line inside there (pointed to the restaraunt) waiting to order, and someone walked in with the intent to rob the place, he might change his mind and walk back out?

Me: Right. And if I were carrying concealed, he wouldn't see the gun and go ahead and try to rob the place. Then I'd be in a situation of having to react to a crime already in progress. I'd rather not be put in that position, cuz it doesn't always turn out as well as we'dlike for the good guy.

We talked for a few more minutes, until his traveling companion walked out to the car. I told him about the Kenassee Ga incident. All in all it was a pleasant exchange and the man learned something he didn't know before.