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How long did it take you to get your utah ccw?


Regular Member
Oct 22, 2007
Layton, Utah, USA
Took right at the rull 60 days for mine. But that was a few years ago. Who knows, maybe they get them back sooner....doubtful but never know.


Regular Member
Mar 5, 2010
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
My experiences.

Utah - 15 days in 2002 (I applied in person at BCI in Salt Lake City. They did the fingerprint and photo.)

Nevada in 2010 - 35 days (As per Nevada Law, I had to apply in person and take my training and do a formal qualification shoot in Nevada. The qualification shoot is to the same standard as the FBI Agent close quarter combat qualification standards. This may sound intimidating, but it is really pretty easy if you are an experienced pistol shooter. Pretty scary how low the marksmanship standards for J. Eadgar Hoover's Finest.)

Pennsylvania - 14 days in 2010 (PA will issue a permit on the strength of any other State's valid permit. Not all PA counties are permit friendly. Centre County will issue a permit on the strength of your application, a quick verification that your permit(s) are valid, a background check, and a check for $26.00 PA will issue a permit to non-permit holders if the applicant lives in a State that does not issue CCW permits (VT, IL, and WI).

Florida - 21 days in 2010 (used Nevada permit and training docs as proof of range qualification) Florida has a written reciprocity agreement with Utah and thus the permit process may have been shortened because technically, as a Utah Resident with a Utah resident CFP, I do not actually need a Florida permit to carry concealed in Florida. Florida only honors permits with States that it has reciprocity with and only resident permits. A Utah non-resident permit is not honored in Florida. The other States that only honor resident permits, and that honor Utah permits, are New Hampshire, Colorado, and Michigan. Maine will issue a non-resident permit to a Utah permit holder. So will Florida if you also take a Florida weapons course, an NRA course, or can show pistol qualification in the Military using a copy of your DD-214 service record. South Carolina will not issue non-resident permits, but will issue a "resident" permit to anyone who pays taxes on land in South Carolina.