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How much firepower is recommended?


Regular Member
Jun 30, 2008
Beaumont, Texas, USA
I attended the AMERICAN PISTOL INSTITUTE ( WHAT YOU NOW CALL GUNSITE ) for the first time in October of 1987 . I can tell you how JEFF COOPER would answer that question . " The most powerful cartridge you can control , shoot accurately , and with speed . DVC.....DILGENTIA (ACCURACY ).........VIS (POWER)...........CELERITAS ( SPEED ). All people are not the same , the answer will not be the same for everyone . For me................it's the S&W .500 S&W MAGNUM with .500 SPECIAL LOADS ( CORBON 275 GRAIN DPX BULLET @ 1250 FPS AND 900FT.LBS ENERGY ) . It's a 5 shot so I had the cylinder cut to accept full moon clips , and I carry 15 rounds .500 special ammo and 15 rounds .500 magnum ( 275 grain CORBON DPX @ 1865 FPS / SAME BULLET DIFFERENT LOAD; FOR A TOTAL OF 30 ROUNDS SPARE AMMO ) , a total of 6 full moon clips in a full moon clip holder ( not unlike your magazine pouches ) .
But I live in TEXAS , we have no issues on the disparity of force . Here DEADLY FORCE ...............MEANS DEADLY FORCE. IT'S OBAMA NEUTRAL , NOT SEMI-AUTO AND NOT HIGH CAPACITY....................................YATAHEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!W5DVC ......PS Did I forget to tell you .......it's a 4" and it's a 50 cal.

Thought you might like a couple of photos .W5DVC


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