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Iowa permit to carry now valid in Mississippi


Regular Member
Feb 15, 2009
Linn County, Iowa, USA
Saw an article on the NRA ILA website about a new law in Mississippi that went into effect on July 1st that recognizes all permits to carry weapons from any state.


The part about universal recognition is at the bottom of the article and is a minor part of the article. The bulk of the article is about the state AG opinion on concealed carry.

I mention this news not because there are likely to be many travelers to Mississippi from Iowa but more to point out a trend in state laws allowing recognition of the Iowa permit. It seems that many Iowans that carry self defense tools will often obtain an out of state permit in addition to their resident Iowa permit so as to allow for being lawfully armed while traveling. I now have three permits in my wallet and I suspect that in four years, when they expire, I will no longer feel the need to renew them all.

I suspect the two biggest issues to armed Iowans is our neighbors to the north and to the east. I recall that Minnesota has had universal recognition laws get voted down by narrow margins before and those that have brought those laws to the legislature have a high confidence of passage in the next couple years. Illinois, as we all know, does not currently have a concealed carry law. The news is that a concealed carry law will come soon and all versions I've seen had a universal recognition provision.

There is also the possibility of a federal law forcing concealed carry recognition upon the states. I do not see this as very likely. I also suspect a court challenge to any such law which would place any such law in limbo for many years, likely long enough time that it will become largely irrelevant by state law changes before this journey through the courts is complete.

Good to see one more state grant universal recognition. We just need more of them. Constitutional carry would be even better, of course.