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Is Mississippi Next? Permitless Holster CCW & Designate Armed Church Guards


Regular Member
Aug 21, 2011
Boone County, KY
Is Mississippi Next? Permitless Holster CCW & Designate Armed Church Guards

Will Mississippi be the next state to have permitless concealed carry? What? I guess that would make Mississippi the ninth state?

It may be a reality if this proposal passes the House and goes to the Governor. It seems they are on the way there already. According to the article, people may carry in their purses without a permit.

The bill known as the "Mississippi Church Protection Act" has passed the Senate 36-14 on Tuesday and returns to the House.

In addition to the proposal of permitless carry in holsters, the bill enables places of worship to designate members to undergo firearms training and carry inside the place of worship to protect it's congregation.

The article didn't say if Open Carry or Concealed Carry will be allowed for the designated church guards. But I'm sure someone could fill in those details..

Mississippi Senate OKs bill allowing armed guards in church


"The Senate voted 36-14 Tuesday to pass the bill, known as the Mississippi Church Protection Act. The bill returns to the House.

It says places of worship could designate members to undergo firearms training and carry guns to protect the congregation.

The bill also allows people to carry guns in holsters without a concealed weapons permit, expanding on last year's law allowing people to carry guns in purses without a permit."



Jul 11, 2008
Yuma, Arizona, USA
It will make Mississippi the 10th Permitless Carry or "Constitutional" carry state

The increments used by Representative Gipson show how clever a pro Second Amendment representative can be. The salami slices are thin, but this is so close to Constitutional carry that it hardly makes a differenence. If the last slice of the salami is mostly rind, is your salami completely sliced, or not? If your glass is a teaspoon short of being full, do you refer to it as an "empty" glass, or a "full" glass.

If this bill is concurred in the Senate, then is signed or becomes law, Mississippi will be a permitless carry or "constitutional" carry state.

If the pistol is in a holster, no permit will be required. If the pistol is in a purse, bag, case or any container that completely encloses it, no permit is required. If the pistol is openly carried, no permit is required.

So where *is* a permit required? Maybe in a pocket, completely concealed, without a holster? Maybe in a waistband with no holster and a shirt over it?

I suspect that the good representative Gipson may even remove those last tiny impediments next session, if this bill becomes law.