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Issuing authority doesn't send in fingerprint cards within 5 days


Regular Member
Jul 13, 2018
I was printed and submitted a complete application several weeks ago. I called the State Police and they have not received my fingerprints yet. Fingerprints were taken electronically and everything looked fine. I paid the fees. My town accepts a personal check but they want it for the full amount of $157, not 3 separate checks.

Has anyone had this issue where the town doesn't submit the fingerprints within 5 business days? Is it because I wrote a personal check and for the entire amount and the town then has to submit a separate payment to the State Police? Does the town do a separate background investigation before they send the prints out? I'm just scratching my head why I was printed several weeks ago and why the State Police never received the prints. I believe the fingerprint card contains social security numbers so I am concerned that the card is out there somewhere with personal information. I left a message with the town and no response. The person I spoke to from the State Police was shocked that they don't have the prints yet.

Lastly, I know the law says they have 5 days to submit the prints, but what recourse do I have? Can I file an appeal?

Of course the town cashed the check within 1 business day and the check cleared.