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Lady's only Class


Regular Member
Feb 16, 2010
La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
I heard from a husband of a "lady" that attended my class on Dec 3rd.

He told that the first thing she said to him when she got home from the class was WE'RE going shopping for a gun for ME.

His response was that she could use the one she brought to class.

Her response was that NO, that was HIS gun and she wanted her OWN.

They went to Cabelas yesterday and bought two. She liked them both.

Husband called to thank me. ( He also mention that he couldn't believe that she wanted to attend the class in the first place).

I've gotten responses like this from several husbands of women that have attended my classes.

I think that this is good news.

Now, where can I find a female that likes (and already owns) guns.



Regular Member
Mar 1, 2010
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Not that I mind...

but you could be sued for gender discrimination. You can’t exclude based on gender as it is a protected class legally. That is why ladies night has been abolished at many night clubs and replaced with skirt night...if a guy really wants free drinks or free cover charge he has the option to wear a skirt for the discount. Just saying.

Herr Heckler Koch

Opie's bragging that his is this lady's only gun class, and not that he gives a discriminatory class. Lady's is possessive. Ladies is plural.

I wonder if this lady's husband knows that Opie put his epithet for his wife in scare-quotes.

A lady is presumed a lady until experience directs that she is a "lady." In other words, "lady" is an insult, a disparaging epithet.

I am honored by Milady wife. An armed society is a polite society.
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