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Long gun OC'd in Anaconda

MSG Laigaie

Campaign Veteran
Jan 10, 2011
Philipsburg, Montana
I was driving through Anaconda yesterday on my way to an eye appointment.My eyes were good enough to spot a "regular joe" walking down the street with his lady. I saw something across his chest and upon closer inspection it appeared to be an M1A1 or an M14 rifle. There was nobody running or screaming, the weapon was shouldered and they were shopping. I commented about it to mt Sweet Babboo and she replied, "Montana"".



Regular Member
Mar 25, 2013
I sometimes carry my AR-15 when I walk the dog. Coyotes are heard regularly, and there are wolves that I have yet to see.

Firearms Iinstuctor

Regular Member
Jul 12, 2011
northern wis
After a day of P Dog shooting near Miles City we were removing our rifles from the trucks into the motel rooms to clean them.

There was a state trooper sitting the parking lot he just smiled and we waved.

Considering we had enough rifles to start a small war according to some anti's. And if in some foreign countries the military would have been called out.

Montana is a good place for sure. I drew a Montana deer lic. again this year and I well be heading out again to enjoy the fine state once more as I have for over 40 years.

My wife sometimes wonders why I love heading west instead of east.

Until one gets to the far left coast there is just a lot of plain good there.