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Maricopa County Sheriff's Office missing MORE department firearms?


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
In October, after a shootout on the I-17, two guns stolen from MCSO were found in the suspect's vehicle. [my comment: REALLY/]

On Friday, Sheriff Paul Penzone announced an additional audit done with the help of the ATF found the number of missing guns was actually much higher. He says fifty guns have gone missing or have been stolen from MCSO.
The weapons include:
-29 fully automatic weapons,
-20 short barrel shotguns,
-1 short-barreled rifle.

[my comment: of course the current sheriff whole heartily believes the following:]

Penzone said there is no indication that ANY of those weapons have gone missing since he took office, and blamed the "previous administration" for not being able to account for all the weapons. Unquote. https://www.azfamily.com/news/sheri...cle_121b20e4-20d6-11e9-8436-d319ddd9bdd8.html

And MCSO doesnt have a clue of when or how these thefts transpired...does QI apply?


Regular Member
Nov 5, 2015
This surprises anyone why?.

Valuable evidence , missing guns, etc is common to almost every dept to a greater or lessor degree.