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MD Gov comprimises gun owners privacy.


Activist Member
Jun 2, 2009
Montgomery County, MD
MD Gov Compromises the Privacy of Gun Owners

Yesterday 6 Sep the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore alerted its members that the governor is releasing MD form 77R (Name, Address, SSN and weapon purchased|sold) info with five MD government agencies. This is all from a guy who wants to be president, the employees of these five agencies do NOT go through the extensive background checks that MSP and civilian employees of the MSP go through.

Cut from the bulletin:

Governor Compromises the Privacy of Thousands of Maryland Citizens

We have confirmed earlier reports that on orders from Governor O'Malley, the Maryland State Police are sharing the personal information on 77R firearms purchase application forms with the following non-MSP government agencies:
•Department of Human Resources (DHR)
•Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
•Department of Transportation
•Department of Public Safety
•Correctional Services of Department of General Services
This will impact no less than the 38 thousand Maryland citizens who are currently still waiting for the MSP to "Not Disapprove" their applications to purchase a regulated firearm.

It is our information that state employees are being offered "comp time" to work this weekend doing data input. Other than a reported confidentiality agreement, there appears to be no effort to investigate the possible criminal backgrounds of these employees.

These forms contain the applicant's name, address, date and place of birth, social security number as well as information on the firearm the applicant intends to purchase. The Maryland State Police have lost control of the Licensing Division.

At this time, we will not publicly speculate on the Governor's political motivation for this action.

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