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Nampa bowl is not oc friendly.....stay away unless you are a criminal


Regular Member
Jul 6, 2008
Mountain Home, Idaho, USA
I have been OCing for years without problems. I'm retired USAF and have worked as a corrections officer and federal officer over the pasts 5 years. I also work full time in the medical field. I'm usually dressed in a dress shirt with a tie and dress pants with appropriate shoes. I'm in my mid 40's usually clean shaved with short hair (got used to in after 23 years in the USAF).

I had my FIRST NEGATIVE encounter last week. I picked my disabled daughter up and took her to dinner and thought it would be nice to take her bowling also. She doesn't talk and has autism but isn't too physically impaired and enjoys doing things like bowling. I went to the NAMPA IDAHO BOWLING ALLEY and we ate at the snack bar without problems, we were there about 30 minutes. We went to the counter and asked for shoes and the guy put us on lane one. The place was empty with only one or two other lanes being used.

I put her shoes on her and put mine on, that is when an older guy came over and introduced himself as the manager and asked if I was a police officer. I told him that I wasn't but did attend the police academy in Meridian and worked as a CO in the max security prison in Kuna. He asked if I had a badge, I again said no I'm NOT A COP. He then said that if I wasn't a cop that I had to put my pistol in my car, I told him no problem I would just leave and started changing my shoes. He said that I could put it in the office safe and I just looked at him, and told him the only reason it would come out of the holster is if I needed to defend my daughter or myself and I would just leave if the bowling alley didn't believe in the 2A. That I didn't want to be in any place that was not Military friendly. He told me he was a veteran and that it was military friendly. I told him as I changed my daughter’s shoes back to her street shoes that if he was a veteran and fought to defend the US Constitution then why was he not defending it now.

He said that he worked in a bowling alley that had a drunk guy that pulled a concealed gun and shot someone and that he made a not gun policy. I said as I walked out, don't worries I won't be back as it makes no sense that you will allow criminals to carry concealed weapons but law abiding citizens can't. On top of it you can't guarantee the safety of my daughter or me as you have stated that the guy was drunk and had it concealed. My daughter didn't understand why we couldn't bowl and was upset.



Regular Member
Jan 5, 2009
Good to know, thanks for the information.

I know it's always easy to second-guess and I don't mean it this way, just some observations.

1. I would have asked the guy if he had possibly noticed you were carrying openly, not concealed?

2. Was the other guy carrying lawfully?

3. I would also have asked if he had the name of this other place and date it occurred. I tend to doubt these stories are true and something like that would have made the papers.

Regardless, you handled it very well and, hopefully, we all have the strength of our convictions.

So, Nampa Bowl is added to the list of UNFRIENDLY businesses.