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Need some OCers down in Chicago March 3rd!!!


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Jan 10, 2007
ShaunKranish from ICarry.org, ,
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If anyone who is not too far away from Chicago would be willing to back us up with some bodily support, we would greatly appreciate it.

This is NOT an open carry event, obviously, as that would be illegal. This is a "container" event where people are encouraged to wear containers. It *may* be perfectly lawful to carry an unloaded gun in such a container, but we're not asking for people to do that. We're not asking people not to either. We're leaving all decisions up to them and their own personal responsibility.

All we're asking is empty holsters and/or fannypacks, pouches, etc. Closed containers like fannypacks/etc work exceptionally well for demonstration purposes because no one can see what is or what is not inside.

I'll be there, and I hope that some people can come down from WI. We will be getting A LOT of people coming up from IL to WI open carry events. Only reason it hasn't happened yet is weather and stuff. But we've had a small number. I've been to at least 3 OC events up there myself. Joe Franzese, another ICarry.org director, also attended one of the OC events.

This is history in the making, not only for Wisconsin and its open carry, not only for Illinois and its container carry, but for BOTH states. I don't think I've seen this happen anywhere else in the nation where two adjoined states travel to support one another. We have a very special thing going seeing as how we're the last 2 states in the country to have a concealed carry provision.


One week from today, Illinois gun owners will make history. This will be one gathering that the media will not ignore, as gun owners will be wearing containers such as fannypacks, pouches, etc - capable of lawfully carrying unloaded pistols - or empty holsters. IN CHICAGO.


* Open Carry Solidarity Event in WI a huge success!!
* Container/Holster event in CHICAGO - Wednesday MARCH 3rd
Right to Carry meeting and discussion at
Northeastern Illinois University in CHICAGO!!!

The unbelievably-successful open carry event in Wisconsin over the weekend didn't make it out in our email broadcast. We're not going to make that mistake twice!

Check out

----> http://www.youtube.com/icarrytv

to see the video from the event.

"State Police Interaction" under favorites in our youtube channel is what sparked this event. An ordinary open carry advocate was harassed and troubled while he finished his lunch at a Chinese restaurant by state troopers. They instigated and created a problem where none existed. They treated this man differently only because he was openly carrying a pistol on his side, as the law fully allows in Wisconsin.

How did the community respond? Politely, proudly, perfectly! At least 50 people gathered in three locations: Starbucks, the State Police headquarters in Waukesha (where we stood on the steps to the front door, fully armed in plain sight!), and the Chinese restaurant where the harassment occurred. The restaurant owners were so happy to have us on a Sunday. They even gave us all free ice cream!!
One small section of us in front of the police headquarters. Myself and Chris Morley front and center.


One small section of us in front of the police headquarters. Myself and Chris Morley front and center.

Thank you to everyone who went, and especially to Wisconsin Carry, Inc. who helped volunteers organize and promote the event. Wisconsin Carry, Inc. has shown that they are serious about Right to Carry and serious about supporting gun owners who exercise their rights. They have also reached out to ICarry.org in friendship and camaraderie to work together and keep pushing open carry in order to remove restrictions on concealed carry in Wisconsin!!!

As a matter of fact, even though I live in Illinois, I just joined Wisconsin Carry! You see, many of us who live in northern Illinois will be traveling frequently to open carry events in Wisconsin to give our brothers and sisters to the north our support. I'm sure we will see that support reciprocated. This has already begun, and it will turn into something that's not been seen anywhere else in the nation. Why? We're the last two states without concealed carry, so we're in this together and ICarry.org is leading this tag-team effort!!! If you live in Wisconsin, you should really check Wisconsin Carry, Inc. out at:

----> http://www.wisconsincarry.org

FOR THOSE OF US IN ILLINOIS - Our own display of right to carry resolve!!!

In keeping with our mission and stance, as approved by the ICarry board and prompted by ICarry members, we're launching container/holster displays in 2010 at this meeting.

----> http://www.icarry.org/mission.html

UTATU Collective Presents

Wednesday, Mar. 3, 2010
7:00 to 9:30 p.m.

Northeastern Illinois University
Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies
700 East Oakwood Blvd., Chicago, IL

Speakers from various groups will discuss the transition to right to carry for Illinois. The fact that police have no duty to protect us will also be exposed including Supreme Court decisions!

Media has been contacted and will be expecting us at the event with fannypacks, pouches, and/or EMPTY holsters. What you store inside closed containers is your own business. We are not asking that you do or do not have anything specific. We recommend you follow the law at all times and seek legal advice from a competent attorney if necessary. We only ask that you follow all laws, keep the contents of your personal belongings private, and waive/refuse any search of your belongings.

I was really happy to see Chris Morley, ICarry board of directors, at the open carry event last Sunday. Despite a long drive, Chris and his lovely and supportive girlfriend Sandy made it and spent the day with us. Chris used to reside in Chicago and container carried for nearly 10 years before he was arrested after a coworker went through his locked desk to discover his unloaded and encased pistol.

Chris is physically disabled and walks with a cane. That pistol of his stopped multiple attacks on the streets of Chicago - NO SHOTS FIRED. His court battle wasn't pleasant, but Chris prevailed IN COOK COUNTY. That's right - "Crook County" victory for container carry.

My court case from Cherry Valley, IL is still ongoing. Neither of us tried to get arrested - but when we did we fought it 100% all the time - never bending because IT IS THE LAW. Open carry in Wisconsin is not prescribed by law - it is simply not regulated by law. Container carry in Illinois IS ACTUALLY SPELLED OUT AND INSTRUCTED BY STATUTE.

We haven't made much progress until now. Because now is when we start exercising our rights. Now is when we show the legislators that we're making a stink over right to carry, that we are NOT going to be intimidated from exercising our rights, and we're not going away or calming down until right to carry a loaded pistol for self-defense is respected!!

Before we can demand our rights restored, we must exercise what we've got, like we're doing up in Wisconsin. You see, before we can demand seconds we need to eat what's on our plates right now. Talking is not enough - we need to politely communicate the idea of carrying guns with more than talk. Then we can get the media coverage and new people into the fight. Then we can convince the rest of the public - by showing that we're confident and proud, that we're 100% certain that right to carry is what is needed.

Few people are truly anti-gun. Most are indifferent and simply ignorant. Show them how important this is to you, show them you believe in it to the bottom of your heart, show them they don't need to be afraid. Do that and the hoards of indifferent Chicagoland people will decide it's safe and the people who want it are confident.

This year we will see many open carry and container carry events like: highway cleanups, food drives, picnics and barbeques, marches, and whatever our members and volunteers come up with! You can host your own event. We're looking for events and locations right now, so be a hero and start one.

For questions/discussion on the March 3rd event in Chicago, please go here:

----> http://www.icarry.org/ftopict-2460.html

We're asking for the support of everyone who can possibly attend this event. This is the inaugural container/empty holster event to welcome a brand new firearms rights horizon in Illinois. Don't miss it. If you can't go, video will be taken and posted right away to ICarryTV. See you there!!!

ICarry.org Board of Directors