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Olbermann says Current TV wasn't the home for him


Founder's Club Member
Sep 9, 2007
The Real World.

In an interview Tuesday with David Letterman for CBS' "Late Show," Olbermann compared himself to an expensive chandelier that ended up without a good home because of problems at Current - and his failure to see them.

"It's my fault that it didn't succeed in the sense that I didn't think the whole thing through.

I didn't say, `You know, if you buy a $10 million chandelier, you should have a house to put it in,'"

In my less than humble opinion a better analogy would be:

"If you buy a giant douchebag you should at least have a medicine cabinet to store it in.

Is "Current TV" even a real channel? I've never seen it listed, not that I would watch any channel Olberdouche is on.

OC for ME

Regular Member
Jan 6, 2010
White Oak Plantation
Interwebs 'channel'. Google it and learn very little worth remembering. Though Obe and Current Media are well suited for each other. Obe just got too expensive for them.


Active member
Aug 4, 2007
Cumming, Georgia, USA
I must say that I am surprised.
Olbermann diagnosed the exact problem, even though I doubt he realized it himself. A house is a substantial, solid thing that people can live in; a chandelier is a fancy, glitzy, almost useless for anything but showing off how fancy and glitzy it is, light.
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