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Open Carry Permit? Is there one and how do I get one?


Oct 21, 2016
St. George Utah
Hello my name is Aidan, I live in St. George Utah I recently was given a handgun as a moving out present from my grandfather I'm almost 19 years old and have had handgun and rifle training as well as have taken hunter safety, and have grown up around firearms and hunted since I was about 9. I recently read up on open carry laws and found out the legal minimum age is 18. I have all the rules down pat and was just wondering how to get the Permit for open carry on the site it says the minimum OC age is 18(with valid permit). I searched all over the internet and for the life of me couldn't find how to get an open carry permit, and was wondering if anyone on here could help me out. Every time I search for an open carry permit it only pops up with Concealed carry permits, so I've been pretty confused. Is it just like getting a Concealed where you have to go to a local gunshop/office that is authorized to deal in them or is it something I have to get through the city?


Legendary Warrior
May 21, 2006
Welcome to OCDO.

You couldn't find a cite for an open carry permit because there is no such thing in Utah. What is meant by "permit" is the concealed carry permit.

"Utah allows unlicensed open carry of a firearm that is at least 2 actions from firing. For example, a semi-auto may have a full mag but the chamber must be empty. Permit holder may open carry as well, but their firearms may be fully loaded."