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Open Carry Pledge for Manchester NH


Regular Member
Oct 12, 2006
Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA
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"I will openly carry a pistol in Manchester, NH but only if 20 other local people will do the same."
— Joseph Brown, New Hampshire resident (contact)

Deadline to sign up by: 4[sup]th[/sup] July 2008
5 people have signed up, 15 more needed

Country: United States
Place: Manchester (view map)

More details

On June 8th, the Manchester Police violated the human, civil, and Constitutional rights of four peaceable persons because two of them happened to be openly carrying pistols while walking down the sidewalk.

These individuals were not harming anyone, and many would argue that their presence would actually deter criminals. NH is the safest state in the US, in large part because the right to keep and bear arms is exercised by such a large percentage of the population.

The actions of the Manchester Police Department were a direct violation of the rights of these individuals, as well as violating State and Federal laws regarding unlawful detention and governmental interference with the free exercise of protected civil rights.

In you sign this pledge, please openly carry your pistol whenever you visit Manchester, unless the weather makes that impossible, and until the City formally apologizes to the individuals who were harmed in this incident, and institutes remedial training programs for all officers to prevent future incidents.

Click on the link at the top of the page to sign the pledge.


Regular Member
Oct 29, 2006
Epsom, New Hampshire, USA
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Number of signers
19 / 20 (95.0% of target)

i signed it a few minutes ago..(come on,one more and we'll make the target) and if the signing rate continues,it'll be..

Estimated signers by deadline
52 (260.0% of target)
if signup rate continues as in last week

now the reason for the location on the map is? the place we are all gonna OC or for general reference of your location..??

Dutch Uncle

Campaign Veteran
May 11, 2006
Virginia, USA
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I doubt the Manchester Police will pull any more of their odious stunts now that eyes are on them and "possible courses of action" are being considered against them, but just the same, I hope you all carry voice recorders and have some of your own folks video tape everything they can, esp. any encounters with the police.

We've seen some unconscionable behavior from our police down here at times, but with legal action, unwillingness to back down despite intimidation, and stubborn persistence, we have made considerable gains. You will too.

Many years back, my parents lived in Winchester, NH and I spent a bit of time there. Fine state; good people.

Live free or die!