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OT, but I spend way too much on fireworks.

How much did you spend on fireworks this 4th?

  • $0-$49

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  • $50-$99

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  • $100-$199

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  • $200-$299

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  • $300-$399

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  • $400-$499

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  • $500-$999

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  • Over $1000 (I am a moron)

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State Researcher
Apr 18, 2007
, Indiana, USA
imported post

So I thought it would interesting to post this.

I just spend enough money on fireworks to buy myself another firearm...

I had been able to stop myself from going to the fireworks store until today, I am like a kid in a candy shop, I leave happy, my wallet walks out pissed, but we will both be on the same page after I light my money on fire in a few hours.

Anyone else spend too much this year?