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Preaching to the Choir. Hallelujah bretheren and sisteren!


Campaign Veteran
Jan 15, 2007

Some have a hard time accepting that criminals can be deterred from committing crimes. They don’t believe that potential mass shooters have second thoughts when faced with the prospect of armed citizens who can fight back. They seem to think that everyday Americans can’t help stop attacks. But it is getting hard to ignore that mass public shooters keep choosing to attack locations where victims can’t defend themselves. It’s little wonder that gun-control advocates resort to desperate tactics. There have been a series of articles from Politico, the Huffington Post, Slate, and the New York Daily News with similar titles meant to cast doubt on defensive gun use, such as “the myth of the good guy with the gun.” Since at least 1950, all but two public mass shootings in America have taken place where general citizens are banned from carrying guns. In Europe, there have been no exceptions. Every mass public shooting — and there have been plenty of mass shooting in Europe — has occurred in a gun-free zone. In addition, they have had three of the six worst K–12 school shootings, and Europe experienced by far the worst mass public shooting perpetrated by a single individual (Norway in 2011, which from the shooting alone left 67 people dead and 110 wounded).

So why am I preaching to the choir? Because this gets blocked by the antis - I think they have my name and number on some sort of secret Do Not Post list.:uhoh:

Read it. Forward it. Rub the antis noses in it.

stay safe.


Regular Member
Sep 6, 2015
Thank you for sharing. This is definitely a great article. Somehow, I'm guessing anti-gunners will still dismiss it. They don't seem to care much about reality.


Regular Member
Nov 5, 2013
Kalamazoo, MI
John Lott is one of the biggest threats to the anti's. He's intelligent and articulate. So of course they're going to either try to marginalize him or ignore him totally.