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S&W M&P40/45 or S&W 1911 .45?


Activist Member
Sep 28, 2010
Lenexa, Kansas
I'm having a hard choice on picking which one of these to purchase for a daily carry. I have many good thoughts on the .40 M&P as I used that during my employment working Homeland Security Heartland Contract as a Federal Protections Officer. But that option for .45 is there too. I've also had the love for the 1911, but I'm thinking the M&P 40/45 would be a much more friendly daily carry pistol. I need some opinions as I cannot make up my mind with these options. Primary reason for pick S&W is the pricing up here is extremely reasonable. Don't feel like spending over a grand for just one pistol. I even considered taking out for a H&K Mark 23, but just too much money for a daily carry pistol.


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May 12, 2007
Western Prince William County, Virginia, USA
First off, I am pretty certain that Smith and Wesson does not make an M&P 40/45. They do make pistols in both of these calibers but not in the same gun for conversion... as far as I know.

That being said, I have both: an M&P 40 4.25" barrel and an M&P 45 full size with the 4" barrel. Both are excellent semi-autos and their ergonomics and general feel in the hand is among the best out there. The M&P 45 4" is one sweet gun. Only down side is its 10-round magazine.

Either one of these fine pistols would serve you very well and since you're familiar with the .40S&W, you might want to lean in that direction. The M&P 40 is a little more slim than is their .45 conterpart which may make it more convenient for carry. Very accurate guns. For carry and SD at home, I would opt for the M&P 40 over the 1911. And yes, I do own 1911's.


New member
Jun 17, 2014
I had the same debate with myself actually for about three years. I started looking when I was 18 and did my homework (21 now). I like the m&p 45 because it was a common round that me and my dad would share when we started reloading 45s.

I knew I wanted a compact so that it would be easy to conceal and and I wanted as many rounds possible. The 9mm would be that option but I read up and I knew I wanted the 40 or 45 for the power. I have large hands so I knew I could handle the recoil, and I looked up the muzzle velocity of both rounds. I came to the realization that the 40 does carry more rounds and has a "quicker" punch, but being that the frame is a polymer that it has a chance of splitting. There are plenty of posts on forums that show a 40 m&p has detonated and sometimes cause harm.

The 45 on the other hand holds 8 rounds (compact) and has the full size slide (better accuracy). It is a slower round but I've read, from a coroner, that he has not seen more gunshot deaths than those from a 45.

It's a rough and tough round and will get the job done with a thud of recoil compared to the 40s punch. And with an expanding round to almost an inch will be sure to put the bad guy down.

My opinion isn't the only one and you should take in others before you make an investment.

Good luck in your search!

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Aug 5, 2012
Pierce County, Washington
I'll chime in on this topic as I do in fact carry a M&P .40 full size 4.25". Of all the M&P series handguns, the .40 full size has the most versatility. With minor modifications, the .40 can also be used to fire 9mm and .357 Sig. Since the .40 comes with mags that are already capable of loading .357 Sig, all you need to do is swap out the barrel to a .357 Sig. To fire 9mm, you need new mags and a new barrel. But these are the only modifications you need. No need to change anything else at all.

You cannot do this with the 9mm (for sure) or the .357 Sig (to my knowledge). A good reason to get the 9mm barrel and a few mags is to cut down on cost of range ammo since 9mm is a bit cheaper then .40.

All of that being said, the M&P series handguns are very durable and reliable weapons. Add to that the fact that they are alot less expensive then a 1911.


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Jul 31, 2011
North Carolina
Don't do it... Buy a glock .....

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Whatever he suggests do the opposite...:lol:

BTW if you are on a budget the SD40VE is a good self defense gun. The SD sells for about $200 dollars less than the Glock, has a standard rifled barrel so you will not be limited to jacketed ammo.
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Firearms Iinstuctor

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Jul 12, 2011
northern wis
It wouldn't bother me to carry any of the above mentioned hand guns or any of the many others out there like Ruger, Sigs, H@Ks Etc.

In any of the calibers mentioned 9 357 40 45 load them all with the best JHPs from one of the major manufactures and you well have a handgun that well get the job done.

Pick the one you like the best carry it and don't worry.