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Security officer shoots, kills local man


Regular Member
Jul 5, 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Jesse Corona reporting


An argument leads to a deadly shooting.
Metro police responded to the Sierra Point Apartments located on Sierra Vista Avenue and Cambridge Thursday night, following a report that an individual had been shot.

When police arrived, they found the deceased 34-year-old Roberto Simmon lying on the ground outside of his apartment.
Police say that a security officer responded to a complaint of loud music at Simmon's apartment. According to witnesses, when the security officer knocked on the door, Simmon attacked the officer and tried to wrestle his gun away from him.

Neighbors say it was an uneven match between the two men, and that Simmon was physically much larger than the security guard.
As a result of the struggle, the security officer fired one shot at the man and killed him.

Neighbors say Simmon got along with most people at the Sierra Point apartments where he lived. They say he often hosted community barbecues in the courtyard in front of his home.

Police say charges have yet to be filed and this is an ongoing investigation.
This incident is Las Vegas' 57th homicide to date. This number is slightly lower than last year at this time.


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Oct 3, 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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I have mixed emotions on this one, I have to tell you. Mostly that is because from the limited story, I know next to nothing about the situation.

Yes, if someone tries to get my gun from me, they pose a fatal threat and appropriate response is warranted.

On the other hand, was this security guard perhaps on a power trip or otherwise threatening excessive force BECAUSE he was armed? I think most here would agree that their firearm is a tool of last resort, and despite the fact that there is no duty to retreat, no one who is armed should ever enter into a situation they would not enter into unarmed.

If the resident attacked an armed man simply asking for the music level to be reduced, he was either completely out of his mind, or he had a reasonable fear of his own safety because of something else that came out of the encounter.

Not trying to jump to conclusions here. It was likely a justified shoot. God knows I'd rather have an armed security patrolling my neighborhood than one equipped only with a cell phone and a flashlight. Just food for thought.