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Semi-automatic handgun ban won't take guns off streets, say police


Regular Member
Oct 15, 2013
Finally a bit of sense.

Banning semi-automatic handguns won't take such guns off the street, Victoria Police has told a federal inquiry into gun violence.

Victoria Police told the submission such a ban "would most likely have little effect on the number of illegally held firearms in Australia".

"The majority of semi-automatic handguns seized are from criminals who are prohibited persons," the submission says. "It is unclear whether a ban on semi-automatic weapons will diminish their ability to obtain such weapons."

It also warns that a ban could make it more profitable to import such weapons illegally, potentially pushing the market even further underground.

The comments are despite what Victoria Police notes as "an increase in serious offences involving firearms, especially drive-by shootings" and "an increase in the prevalence of military style weapons in gang related activities". The submission also warns that technological improvements, including 3D printing, are making harder to police guns.

"It is likely that 3D printing of firearms will increase, posing a significant risk to community safety and law enforcement agencies," the submission says.

Greens senator Penny Wright demanded reforms to adapt to the technological challenges.

"Homemade 3D printed guns are a real threat, because they're impossible to track and tricky to pick up in security screening," Senator Wright said.

"The evidence from Victoria Police shows concerns around 3D printing are valid. New technology is creating new challenges and our laws need to keep up."