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State resident on Active Military Reserves


Active member
Aug 4, 2007
Cumming, Georgia, USA
Is a person who is a resident of the State of Ga. serving on Active reserve required to possess a GWL?
No. By virtue of OCGA 16-11-130 you are exempt from the requirement.
O.C.G.A. § 16-11-130 Exemptions from Code Sections 16-11-126 through 16-11-127.2

(a) Code Sections 16-11-126 through 16-11-127.2 shall not apply to or affect any of the following persons if such persons are employed in the offices listed below or when authorized by federal or state law, regulations, or order:

(1) Peace officers, as such term is defined in paragraph (11) of Code Section 16-1-3, and retired peace officers so long as they remain certified whether employed by the state or a political subdivision of the state or another state or a political subdivision of another state but only if such other state provides a similar privilege for the peace officers of this state;

(2) Wardens, superintendents, and keepers of correctional institutions, jails, or other institutions for the detention of persons accused or convicted of an offense;

(3) Persons in the military service of the state or of the United States;
The codes - -
Having or carrying handguns, long guns, or other weapons; license requirement; exceptions for homes, motor vehicles, and other locations and conditions; penalties for violations

Carrying weapons in unauthorized locations; penalty (The Eight Enumerated Locations where Firearms are Prohibited.)

Carrying weapons within school safety zones, at school functions, or on school property

Weapons on premises of nuclear power facility
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