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This guy have some big connections?


Jun 20, 2008
Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA
So just what do you have against LEO's?

please read the above with all intended sarcasm.....

Bad apples in ALL Barrels. Leave them in the barrel long enough and you have NOTHING BUT BAD APPLES!

Edited to all: Certainly SEEMS that there may be something sinister here.... and IF the current employer can prove their case HE SHOULD BE FIRED and prosecuted for any ALLEGED violations of law!
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Campaign Veteran
Jan 15, 2007
It appears that he has been accused of a whole lot of stuff. It also appears that the agency doing the accusing managed to fail to prove the accusation, or otherwise screwed up in dealing with his alleged behavior.

Who is the bigger do**he?

And he's not the only person who should have been fired from their job but was saved by the incompetence of those trying to fire them. That when, amazingly, the steps to follow to fire someone are usually laid down quite clearly due to previous screw-ups like this one.

Given what he's said to the press, $60K/year is probably cheap to keep him off the streets and getting the locality sued for his violations of policy, procedure and civil rights of the citizens.

stay safe.


Regular Member
Jun 4, 2008
a pile of driver's licenses he had seized

Sounds like one of them movies where they keep items of the never to return victims.:eek: