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Trip to Smyrna


Regular Member
Jun 24, 2008
Manchester State Forest, SC
Good evening all. This is not an OC only post. Just found out I'll be travelling to and staying in Smyrna for a Glock Advanced Armorers course next week. My permits allow me to carry in Georgia and I've familiarized myself with pertinent laws. My question to you is, are there any unwritten rules or secrets I need to worry about when it comes to carrying concealed in the Smyrna/Atlanta area? Will I be accosted by LEOs if I OC? I won't be visiting any bars, government buildings, courthouses, etc. Just Glock corporate, the hotel and eating establishments. I'm not as concerned with staying within the letter of the law as written as I am with avoiding any hassles during my 2.5 day stay.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and advice.


Regular Member
Aug 23, 2013
I open carry every day in Athens and have yet to have any leo encounters, which is surprising considering this is a liberal university town. Most reactions I get are from common folk and only 1 or 2 bad in the past years.

The vast majority of law enforcement in Georgia carry glocks so if you do get hassled, which I highly doubt, just tell them you're taking the armorers course at glock inc and they'll probably be very friendly if they weren't already.

Remember that no gun signs at businesses in Ga hold no weight of law. All they can do is ask you to leave or charge you with trespass if you do not. Carry is also ok on MARTA (mass transit rail).

If by chance the hotel gives you any trouble about your gun just remember that your hotel room is just like your home once you've paid for the room. You may get grief from hotel "security" if they happen to be anti. Don't let them walk all over you.

If you haven't already check out www.georgiapacking.org and the forums. Ton of good info, encounters, places off limits, anti-gun businesses, etc.
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