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Trouble at the FOI Commission - Executive director accused of sexual descrimination


Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust
"Colleen's management style is to work only with an 'in group', which is played off against the 'out group,'" Leonhardt wrote. "The agency staff now has ten women and only two men, both men having joined the staff during Mitchell Pearlman's tenure as Executive Director. Given that all four attorneys hired by Colleen are women, resulting at present in seven female lawyers and only one male, the office has taken on the decided tone of a woman's club."

"Despite my Harvard Law School education and law practice at Wiggin & Dana, my service as a State Senator and as Chairman of the Department of Public Utility Control, Colleen has exercised the discretion of her position during the last decade to assign me the least interesting, least challenging work at the FOIC," Leonhardt wrote. "On other occasions, she assigned cases in order to set me up to fail. This discrimination was based on my unwillingness to implement a bias in favor of complainants; it was also based on my gender. Now, Colleen has attempted to effectively end my career in state government … [including] more than nineteen years at the FOIC, by selecting me for an involuntary layoff. I hope that you will correct this gross injustice by instead terminating Colleen's lackluster service."


I would tend to agree from what I have seen at the commission...