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Uneventful OC in rural MS today


Regular Member
Jul 10, 2013
I open carried to a gas station in the middle of nowhere-ish 15 minutes North of Iuka, MS, today and then later at the McDonald's in Iuka. Inside the gas station, there were a bunch of guys gathered around a chain saw which they had placed on an eating table and were trying to repair. One or two of them gave a half-interested look at the stranger OCing who was about the only one in the building not wearing camo. (Me.) The cashier woman was not the friendliest in the world, but who would be when a bunch of guys just put a chainsaw on your nice clean table and a weirdo not wearing camo is in your store buying 2 water bottles?

At the McDonald's, a dude in line behind me looked at me like as if he had noticed my underwear was showing but didn't want to let on. Otherwise, everything was cool. In other news, there is a National Park in Belmont, MS that is like the size of a sno-cone stand or something. It adjoins their city park but it has really amazing play equipment like a rock climbing wall and stuff. My wife took the kids there while I was busy on the other side of town. And said city park has a sign prohibiting having a yard sale in the park, just in case you were contemplating it. But there is not a gun busters sign. When my wife drove by later to show it to me, I got out briefly (OCing) to check the signage and all was well (besides the bummer of not being able to have a yard sale in the park. Think of the money to be made! Alas...)

Anyway, really not much to report but since there is not much in the way of OC reports in Mississippi, I thought I would entertain myself by reporting on a non-event. Merry Christmas to all! (Even those who don't celebrate it!)