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Unlicensed Open Carry Bill filed!!!!


Regular Member
Feb 28, 2011
Good Luck, I hope it passes, honestly I am surprised that TN a red state limits open carry.

TN doesn't limit OC per se. You do have to have a license/permit to carry either open or concealed plus the cost of the license is $120 plus the cost of a moronic stupid "safety" class at $40 plus being fingerprinted like a criminal plus a 4 week wait the first time.

The biggest problem with TN carry law is the "guilty until proven innocent" aspect of it. It's against the law to carry a handgun in TN; the license/permit is a defense against the charge. Which means a LEO only has to see your firearm to have RAS of a crime being committed. So he can stop/detain/disarm to his heart's content without there being not one single thing you can do about it - except attempt to take it to the TN/US SC.

"Innocent until proven guilty" and "... shall not be infringed..." MY BUTT!!!!! :mad::mad::mad::banghead::banghead::banghead:

Thread hijack: How do I change my location from AL to TN (I just noticed it, duh!). Thanks,
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