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VCDL Interview with NRP


Site Co-Founder
May 13, 2006
Fairfax County, Virginia, USA
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Here is my summary:

The interviewer gets it wrong on open carry though by stating that a few states have “open carry laws.” There’s no such thing as an open carry law! At www.OpenCarry.org, see where 44 states do not criminalize the open carry of handguns in public. In the interview, Lisa Wallmeyer of the General Assembly’s Legislative Services (Firearms Subcommittee) notes that Virginia is one of those 44 states. Virginia Citizens Defense League President Philip van Cleave notes that Virginia is the ONLY state to require open carry in restaurants licensed to serve alcohol. And finally **Colonel Charles Bennett** of the Lynchburg Police notes that despite increased citizen open carry in Virginia, it has not “statistically” led to any increased “violence or crime.”

Let's keep this Bennett quote handy, just like the following at http://tinyurl.com/ymwofa:

...Under the law, it would be legal for gang members to walk around with a guns visibly swinging from their belts. But Martin, the Arlington County police spokesman, said police officers were not particularly concerned about gang members following the law. **"We're not worried about a gang member legally using a gun we're worried about a gang member illegally using a gun," he said. "Criminals who are going to use firearms aren't going to follow the law anyway..."**

John Pierce - maybe we should put these 2 quotes on OCDO somewhere?


Wisconsin Carry, Inc.
Aug 23, 2006
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
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But Jim Sollo, a Springfield resident who runs the advocacy group Virginians Against Handgun Violence, said the incidents of gun-carrying residents concerns him. "We've felt that the gun guys have sort of been eager to show that they can now carry their guns legally."

Oh my gosh!! I wonder if he's gotten over the blacks and women who have the audacity to demonstrate they can legally VOTE!!! :shock: What a dip****.