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Why I Open Carry.


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Nov 25, 2006
Suwannee County, FL
After all this time, and being asked what I didn't realize was a trick question, I understand it better.

There is no such thing as "Why do I Open Carry."

The why of it is automatic.

Conversation starter to counter the anti-right propaganda.
To set an example.
To prevent instead of retaliate.
To make the world a better place.
Because an ounce of prevention is worth 9 rounds of cure.
Because I'd rather not have to use it.
Because it makes sense in every way...

It doesn't matter which of these reasons I or anyone else picks. All of this is accomplished automatically no matter which one the carrier likes best.

I just read an article about the possibility of multiple CCers possibly being in the same vicinity of a bad guy doing bad guy things. How would they know if they were on the same team, or one of them were in league with the original bad guy? How many ways could that go wrong? Should this not be a part of CC instruction? I've never heard anyone mention it in any defensive firearm training. Yay experts!

When OCing, you don't have to sweat the Identification Friend or Foe. Forget all the other reasons, this is a damn good reason all by itself!

The reason why you open carry is irrelevant, because all of the reasons happen whether you've even thought of them or not. I've been OCing a long time, and I just thought of another reason that was already true in spite of me not noticing the obviousness of it...
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Regular Member
Feb 5, 2007
Marion County, FL
The ridiculousness surrounding the confederate flag and the gay pride BS is another reason. Hatred of the confederate flag and homosexual worship have nothing to do with racism or "gay rights"; it's all about the thought police and the ruling class and progressives having their way. They hate the confederate flag because it's a middle finger to the establishment and is redolent of rebellion.... eeeekkkk!

Open carry is one of the biggest middle fingers to statism that we have in this country. The fact that Florida voters install politicians who don't agree is telling. Our Republicans are scum. Yankee, neocon, progressive scum. As bad as South Carolina's (another red fascist state that doesn't "allow" open carry and started the two minute hate on the flag)
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