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With query about SC firearms grassroots I got curious about NC's GRNC...


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
Kinda wish i didn't peel back that onion...
1. Reciprocity map on website: dated a decade ago...

2. latest photos are from 2017, most 2013...https://www.grnc.org/home/grnc-photos

3. Last GRNC President's blog almost 90 days ago...https://www.grnc.org/pauls-blog

4. Under gun rights in the news...singular article from a decade ago...https://www.grnc.org/defend-your-rights/gun-rights-in-the-news

5. Under updates...a rant from almost a year ago...https://forum.opencarry.org/index.php?forums/north-carolina.117/

6. Under featured articles...2017 rant...https://www.grnc.org/home/grnc-featured-articles

7. Under legislative activities...
'Even beyond spearheading passage of concealed carry (1995), concealed handgun reciprocity (2003) and legislation exempting concealed handgun permit-holders from sheriffs’ arbitrary gun purchase restrictions (2004) plus numerous other pro-gun bills..."

really wished i hadn't peeled back the veil...

circling the drain counterclockwise...rip