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Would A Law Like This Be Welcome In NC?

American Patriot

Regular Member
Mar 5, 2009
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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Signs Bill Expanding Gun Confiscation Laws

AWR HAWKINS10 May 2019469 1:40
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) signed legislation this week to expand the state’s gun confiscation laws.
The expansion means that people too young to buy guns may now be the subject of a gun confiscation order. The NRA-ILA reports that this “[infringes] upon the self-defense rights of law-abiding parents or others in the household without due process.”

Inslee also signed legislation that suspends Second Amendment rights for individuals who undergo a 72-hour mental health evaluation “but … are not subsequently involuntarily committed.” In other words, the 72-hour evaluation itself, apart from any subsequent involuntarily commitment, will now result in a six-month ban on firearm possession.