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Recent content by color of law

  1. color of law

    This is why distance is your friend

    Man Gets Shot After Charging At Cop With Two Sai-Style Knives
  2. color of law

    "Citizens" and government

    He would have been 59 in 1974. The law took effect in 1971 to vote at 18. I was 21 in 1971 which screwed me out of voting at 18.
  3. color of law

    Man Uses “Shower Gun” After Burglar Breaks In While He’s in the Shower

    I'm glad you asked. Does Ohio law require a victim of an attack to attempt to retreat or escape before employing self-defense? See attached PDF.
  4. color of law

    Virginia Legal Definition of Open Carry

    I have been over this enough times and I'm not going over it again.
  5. color of law

    Virginia Legal Definition of Open Carry

    But not constitutional authority. Unfortunately your state has been over run by communists, including, I'm sure, the courts. You guys had a chance to stop it, but you wussed out. "We shall not comply" and then you all complied.
  6. color of law

    Virginia Legal Definition of Open Carry

    Well if you knew that, then the firearm you were carrying in a flap holster was being openly carried. The officer's common observation was you were carrying. Now, as to the city banning open carry in city buildings runs against the Virginia's constitution and statutory law. But if that is the...
  7. color of law

    Virginia Legal Definition of Open Carry

    Well that is in the eye of the beholder. The definition is allover the place. If I remember right Florida's law is if you can discern it is a gun then it being openly carried. I other words printing is open carry. Per Virginia law: § 18.2-308. Carrying concealed weapons; exceptions; penalty. A...
  8. color of law

    Open carry still alive in Missouri?

    The gun business has exploded because of COVID. Buying from small businesses has exploded because the big box stores are to demanding. Yes, maybe paying a little more, but actually getting customer service does have a value. Invisible masks are all the rage, I wear one and I see them everywhere.
  9. color of law

    Open carry still alive in Missouri?

    "There's a sucker born every minute." Right out of Saul Alinsky's play book. 99% of our population is unaffected by any of this. Meaning asymptomatic is part of the 99%. And I'm sick and tired of hearing - but how would feel if one of your relatives got it and died. I'd feel bad, but shamming...
  10. color of law

    Subway bans open carry in their stores

    You could always pack your bags and move.
  11. color of law

    Chitcago Now LARGEST Outdoor Shooting Range in America

    I want to know how many guns you have seen running across the boarder from Indiana to Illinois? Or did these guns burrow a tunnel under the boarder to go undetected?
  12. color of law

    What is gun culture? Cultural variations and trends across the United States

    There are eight million stories in the naked city. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/07/blm_agitators_advice_could_turn_road_blockers_into_road_kill_or_lifers.html Please find me a study that is neutrally compiled using actual data that is realistic and then peer reviewed by gun...
  13. color of law

    Subway bans open carry in their stores

    I don't remember the last time I ate at a fast food restaurant. And if I could remember it was a forced error. As I think about it I think I ate at a Stake & shake a year or two ago.