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another positive KY experience


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Apr 6, 2008
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I'm really liking the positive vibe I'm getting here in Kentucky. I was in louisville today eating at panera. My wife and I decided to eat outside with our daughter. After a little while a young girl sitting next to us noticed my sub-compact beretta. I know she was slightly concerned so she proceeded to ask her mother. Her mother did not say anything but I think she let her husband know for peace of mind. A little while later a nice man came up behind me and ask

Man so are you in the police department

Me. No I'm not"

Man. just asking. It's unusual to see someone carrying in the open.

Me. Did you know it was legal in Ky?

Man. Oh yea. I grew up in the country so I'm used to seeing it ( I presume he meant out there)

Me. The practice is being revitalized throughout the country.

Man. Yes I was aware of that. Do you have a permit to carry?

Me. Yea I have a florida permit. But I don't like the idea of carrying around my permission slip.

Man. You ever get anyone asking you about it.

Me. Not really. I had one girl in whole foods ask me if it was a gun. There are thousands of people who carry in Kentucky, but most of them carry concealed. If all those people carried openly on a regular basis it would be commonplace.

Mother. My daughter noticed and asked me if you were a spy.

Me. (laughing) Well if I was one I'm doing a lousy job of blending in (I'm wearing a free state project shirt that is bright yellow). In fact I'm not the spy at all. It's my daughter over here in her snow white dress. She's the real spy. You'd never know.

everyone laughing

I thought it went pretty well. At the end my wife was telling me that that was enough. That I was going all political. All and all it went very well.
I'll mention that I was wearing my FSP shirt which is like walking around with a siren on my head. The front has the phrase, "don't tread on me," and the back says,
" I will exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of government is the protection of life, liberty, and property.

I'd also like to add. As this was only my second time writing an experience while carrying it can be difficult to remember precisely what was said in what order. I know that when I wrote all that up there, there are some phrases and segments that may be out of order. Let that be a reminder that it's a good idea to carry a recording device on you if you are concerned about having a negative experience.

chris in va

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Sep 5, 2008
Louisville KY, ,
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Yeah, I've had a few of those encounters. They get old pretty quick though, positive or not. Frankly I'd rather people just not talk to me about it.