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Attn: All pro_gun supporters this is an official (sdoc) call to action!!!!


Regular Member
Feb 17, 2011
Sioux Falls,SD

Daugaard endorses anti-gunners!

Posted on May 24, 2012 by NAGR Staff

Governor Dennis Daugaard claims to be pro-gun.

But politicians don’t always tell the truth, do they?

Earlier this year, Governor Daugaard declared himself an enemy of the Right to Carry. He even killed a drastically watered down version of a Constitutional Carry bill because it was still TOO PRO-GUN!

Now Governor Daugaard is going further and endorsing anti-gun state Senators for re-election!

There’s more information below, but please call the Governor’s office right away and ask him to stop endorsing anti-gun politicians! 605-773-3212.

Daugaard just announced that he supports Senators Tom Nelson and Deb Peters, both of whom have extensive anti-gun voting records.

Senator Deb Peters from Sioux Falls voted for New York-style gun bans. She supported legislation encouraging cities to outlaw self-defense in parks, dark library parking lots and numerous other places.

Peters also co-sponsored and voted for a bill which, among other things, allowed law-enforcement bureaucrats to register and profile law-abiding gun owners in a central registry, like sex-offenders.

Senator Tom Nelson from Lead voted to make law-abiding adults criminals for nothing more than defending themselves on a college campus. And when gun rights supporters approached him for a friendly conversation on his anti-gun vote, Sen. Nelson arrogantly cut them off with “don’t ever talk to me again.”

Nelson has consistently refused to go on record against the same sweeping gun bans that Deb Peters supports, and refused to oppose outlawing self-defense in malls, restaurants, city parks and numerous other public places.

Bottom line, Governor Daugaard is working to re-elect some of the most anti-gun politicians in South Dakota.
And worse yet, he’s threatening to endorse rabidly anti-gun Rep. Val Rausch in his bid against staunch pro-gun Senator Tim Begalka!

That’s right, Daugaard says he’s going to endorse an anti-gunner to help defeat one of South Dakota’s gun rights heroes.

Please call the and leave a message for the Governor: 605-773-3212. Tell him to STOP endorsing anti-gun politicians!

You can also email the Governor online:


I’ve included a sample message you can use below. Please call or email right away!
For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Vice President

P.S. We need your help to make Governor Dennis Daugaard STOP endorsing some of the most anti-gun politicians in South Dakota.

Call and leave a message for the Governor right away: 605-773-3212.

You can also email him through his website:


Here’s a sample message to help direct your comments.

———-Sample Message———-
Dear Governor,

Please reverse your position of support for anti-gun candidates.

Between the two of them, Senators Tom Nelson and Deb Peters have supported some of the worst gun control to be introduced in South Dakota, including city-level gun bans, outlawing self-defense on college campuses and blacklisting law-abiding gun owners like criminals.

And is it true that you’re now preparing to endorse rabidly anti-gun Rep. Val Rausch against pro-gun hero Tim Begalka?

This is simply outrageous. I urge you to STOP supporting anti-gun politicians.