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Candidate for Shasta County Sheriff says he will issue licenses to open carry


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Aug 22, 2013
here nc
so, candidates will say anything on the campaign trail to solicit votes to get into the ivory tower...

the constraints on obtaining the "privilege permit" might be so onerous nobody qualifies or the over arching restrictions on carry might cause more pain and suffering that it is worth...e.g., take TX's open carry restrictions...

ps nice touch on the not so subtle monetary seeking ad...especially since the link is DOA!!
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Jan 16, 2020
Candidate John Greene was on KCNR 1460AM on Sunday. During his interview, he stated he would issue licenses under PC26150(b)(2) for loaded and exposed carry.

His interview is in the second hour of the program.

Why pay for "Permission to opencarry" IF its our right under the Bill of Rights ? It must be remembered any right given by a license CAN also be taken away. This IS how Government has been making business comply with Mask mandates and other "Orders" ETC.
It gives Government the presumption they are the boss, rather then "We The People" who want our liberty !
I got the highest authority anyway, why ask a lower authority ? Do we now not have a first amendment right also ?
As a Christian I have the duty to be armed in obedience to my Lord Jesus Christ, as stated in the Bible Luke 22:36.
He is saying if you don't have a weapon sell your coat or ( garment ) and buy one ! a sword being the best close combat
weapon at that time, today its a handgun. Carry on :)