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Federal & State Minimum Legal Age - Purchase, Possess, & Carry


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Apr 7, 2011
Anderson, SC
Below is a link to a pamphlet, in PDF format, concerning the minimum legal age to purchase, posses, and carry firearms in the United States. When printed out and folded correctly, it's a two-sided tri-fold pamphlet. Right now it's basically my first rough draft:


I started creating this pamphlet due to the same questions I always get while out open carrying. Every young person my wife and I talk to about open carrying with usually wants to know at what age they can start carrying. That immediately starts a discussion on the age to purchase and/or posses firearms.

Once this pamphlet is in it's final stages, I'm sure it should help all of us educate more people about firearm laws while out and about.

My main sources when putting together this rough draft were the actual federal and state statutes. That was A LOT of reading! I compared my interpretations of the statutes with the info from the following web sites:





In my quest for minimum legal age data, I found that the NRAILA site had a bunch of misinformation. What's worse is that the anti-gun site I used (smartgunlaws.org) seems to have the BEST source for gun laws. They do all the research on federal and state laws, interpreting the laws for you. They throw in some propaganda ever few sentences, though.

Anyway, I think I need to re-organize the pamphlet, or choose a different way to get my info out, such as a thin multi-page booklet. This would be so I could have room to expand more on how some states regulate what they define as "assault rifles", explain that some states don't define certain firearms as just handguns and long guns, etc. I would also like enough room to include, at least, the web addresses for my sources.

What do you guys think so far? Any suggestions about content?

It would be great if a few of you could triple check the ages and correct me of my mistakes, while providing the statutes, or "proof" of lack of statutes, with your correction(s).
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