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First Merchants Bank, Avon Indiana....


Regular Member
Jul 5, 2011
I've been a loyal customer there for 8 years. For the last three years I have been OC'ing and have never had a problem. Everyone there knew me, and all was okay. :cry:

Today I go there...get out of my car, and walk up to the door and see the BRAND NEW STICKER on their door....

"No Guns allowed on premises".... :eek:

I turned around and went back to my car.

A fellow that works with the bank, (I'll call him Guy #1), comes out and says "Sir, we are open. You can come in."

I told him. "No I can't."

He said "Why not?"

I said "Look at the sticker on your door"...

He looked all around and didn't notice it until I told him which one to look for.

I secured my weapon, and came back into the bank.

While conducting my business, I asked him "So how long has that sticker been up there?"

Guy #1 "A couple of weeks".

Me: "Why? I OC' ed in here for almost three years, and been a customer for eight....Never had a problem."

Girl #1 chimes in. "People get nervous if someone is carrying a gun."

Me: "So you think that that sign is going to keep you from getting robbed? You do realize that criminals DON'T obey laws...that is why they are called criminals."

Girl #1: "Uhhhh..."

Guy #1: "Ummmm....errr...Well it's above my pay grade."

Me: "So I guess that means that by having this sticker on your door, you are announcing that there is no armed security or anyone here on site.....which means you are defenseless in a robbery."

Girl #1: "Welllll...that's not what it means..."

Me: "Look...if I am open carrying...I'm not the guy you need to worry about. It's the guy that is carrying the stolen pistol in his waistband under his t-shirt that you have to worry about. Do you think he is going to stop and turn around and not come in because of the sticker that says "no guns allowed?....Oh and by the way...does that mean Cops aren't allowed in either?"

Girl #1: "uhhhh...." Looks around hoping for a manager to direct me to for answers...C'mon get real, this is a bank on a holiday weekend. Do you honestly think a manager is going to be here?

I nodded and said "Never mind. I know it's not your fault, but your management has just increased your potential chances for a robbery, and a shooting in this establishment by putting that sign up. Ask any cop. They'll tell you the same thing."

So they gave me the name of the management office, in which I will be writing to inform them of me closing my account due to their new policy...



Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust
Should have told them you want cash to cash out your acct and that you would be carrying to protect your money from theft when you come in to get the $$$.

I did that with one bank that PUed me for some reason.

They messengered a check that day.

I laughed..


Regular Member
Sep 18, 2009
Seattle,WA, , USA
Bank ignorance

"So they gave me the name of the management office, in which I will be writing to inform them of me closing my account due to their new policy..."

Sad to see - but if banks just do not understand how you can be perceived as a benefit, what options are left?
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