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Irving Gas (manchester)


New member
Jun 30, 2011
Manchester, NH
I wouldn't consider this a negative or really a positive, event... but never the less it was an occurrence i go in this gas station multiple times a day, for the simple fact that i get my coffee there, i wouldn't ever try to say the employees there are my friends or acquaintances, but on this day the Woman behind the station counter made a comment about seeing my G19 on my hip, (not to me but in general) to the customer in front of her and before i could say anything, he, and the man behind him told her to "get over it, cause the station is right across the street from the shooting range" (Manchester Firing Line). the man also informed her that since my sidearm was in plain sight she should actually feel safer because it my make a potential thief think twice before doing anything... since then i haven't had any issues in there or heard any comments.

well i thought since i am new to the Forum i would share a personal occurrence


Founder's Club Member
Mar 23, 2010
Quarryville, PA
Pretty cool that a complete stanger stood up for you and presented a good argument for open carry. Now if we can just get everyone to think like that.