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MDA Now Targeting Kroger

OC for ME

Regular Member
Jan 6, 2010
White Oak Plantation
I received the same text in an email response as color of law posted. I know it is a "canned" response but so are many of our letters to stores and politicians:

Dear Bruce:

Thank you for contacting Kroger Customer Connect regarding our firearms policy. The safety of our customers and associates is one of our most important company values. Millions of customers are present in our busy grocery stores every day and we don't want to put our associates in a position of having to confront a customer who is legally carrying a gun. That is why our long-standing policy on this issue is to follow state and local laws and to ask customers to be respectful of others while shopping. We know that our customers are passionate on both sides of this issue and we trust them to be responsible in our stores.

We value your feedback and will ensure it reaches our Leadership Team.

Thank you for shopping with the Kroger Family of Stores.


Kroger Customer Connect
The Kroger Family of Stores
I wonder if Jenna even knows what she sent. She may very likely be nothing more than a sender of a e-mail as directed. Auto-signature, my work e-mail does the same thing.

Do you find anything wrong with the response from Jenna et al? The anti-citizen, anti-liberty stores use similar language. What they should be stating and we should be pointing this out in our letters to them, is that: The safety of our customers, except the gun toting customers, and associates is one of our most important company values.

This is a more accurate portrait of their anti-citizen, anti-liberty policy.


Regular Member
Aug 9, 2014
New Castle, Va
Not meaning to sidetrack this thread but it reminds me of some of the replies received from Politicians. When asked to send a letter to a Politician by clicking a link from NRA or VCDL it seems to me they are never making it to the specific individual intended. Sometimes it is difficult to relate the reply to your original message submitted.


Not only did I send a letter to Kroger suggesting they simply avoid the entire political bully tactics of MDA by just having a policy of following the laws of the State where their individual stores are located.... I also sent them a letter thanking them for taking the stance of continuing their policy of following the laws of the State where their individual stores are located.

I think sending the thank you letter was equally, if not more, as important as sending the letter addressing the MDA bully tactics because if we don't let businesses know with letters that we appreciate when they refuse to let folks with an agenda run their businesses then those businesses don't know their decisions are appreciated.

Please consider that heads of corporate or even Mom or Pop ALWAYS!!! get complaint letters yet the letters of praise are so very few and far between. However... one letter of praise is remembered far longer than 1000 letters of complaint.