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Need Fingerprints Done in Western PA !!


Regular Member
Dec 14, 2006
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Im about at my wits end with the PA State Police.

I went to two different state police barracks to get my non-res AZ fingerprint cards done and both of the barracks had officers that were extremely rude and hassled me when they saw that it was for an out of state carry permit.

I first went to the Uniontown barracks and then the other was near Rostraver off of rt 51.

The Uniontown barracks were the absolute worst.
They advertize that every Wednesday between 8am and 4pm they do fingerprinting. It doesn't say they only do a certain kind of fingerprinting, so there shouldn't have been a problem.
They sent me away and told me to go the the city of Untionton Police, then the Uniontown cops sent me away to the Sherrifs office and the Sheriffs office had me waiting in the waiting room for almost an hour until I just left.

Ive lived in 13 states and I have to say, the police officers that I have had contact with in this state are the most unprofessional.

So if anyone can offer some advice as to where to go, I would greatly appreciate it.

When the PA State police come around begging for donations this year, Im going to tell them to shove it.
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Regular Member
Jun 4, 2011
I don't see a requirement in AZ that the prints need to be done by a law enforcement officer. You could always call AZ DPS to confirm though. If allowed, then perhaps a private company such as this can provide the service? http://aplusfingerprint.com/


New member
May 5, 2008
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I went to my local police for fingerprints when I got my Utah permit. I had no problem at all with them.