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No carry while bowhunting, add to the list of what needs to change


Regular Member
Oct 16, 2009
I didn't think about this again until I started hunting this season.

I hunt deer exclusively with my bow. I like the challenge (read frustration).

In NC it is illegal to carry a pistol during bow only season.

It is already illegal to shoot a deer during this short season, so why do we need a law prohibiting me from carrying a pistol for self defense as some kind of back up law? I can walk around the private property I hunt on during this time with my pistol all I want. But as soon as I am also carrying a bow and wearing camo I become a criminal.

I know that Georgia specifically allows carrying during bow only, providing you have a concealed pistol permit.


Regular Member
Oct 10, 2010
High Point NC
I agree. If there is already a law covering not shooting a deer with a firearm during Archery, then why do we need another law esentially saying the same thing. I was talking to a guy at the shooting range (Calibers) and he was telling me that he was archery hunting the other day. He was watching a deer come in then It stopped and somthing had spooked it. He was able to see his truck thru the woods and said that there was someone trying to break into it!! Not sure the reasoning behind the law but seems pretty stupid to me. Just my .02


Regular Member
Sep 12, 2010
Colfax, NC
I fully agree that the law should be changed for Bow & Arrow and Muzzleloader Seasons. Once again I would be carrying anyways if I didn't have the luxary of hunting on my own private land. Out in the woods, sometimes alone, is not the time to be unarmed just in case you come across some nut that wants to take advantage of the fact that you are in the woods, sometimes alone, and without a firearm to protect yourself with. Good luck with the hunting, hope you get plenty of meat for the freezer.


Regular Member
Nov 9, 2010
Do we have any references to the law, I would like to cite an example when I contact my local representative.



Regular Member
Feb 13, 2008
, ,
This regulation is designed to keep people honest. It is in place to insure that an unscrupulus hunter does not shoot a deer with the pistol, then shove an arrow into the wound (in the case of a muzzleloading rifle for obvious reasons) in order to say that he or she took it legally. A modern handgun is defined as a legal hunting weapon and may not, along with any other modern weapon, be carried in the field during either bow-and-arrow or muzzleloader season. Here, the regulation is consistant. During bow season the only weapon you may have in the field is the bow-and-arrow. When muzzleloader season comes along, both bow-and-arrow and muzzleloaders are allowed. Then, when modern season opens, all are allowed.

From www.ncwildlife.org:

● It is unlawful to carry any type of firearm while bow-and-arrow
hunting during the bow-and-arrow seasons.
● Dogs may not be used for hunting deer during the bow-andarrow [sic]
or the muzzleloading firearm deer seasons.
● Pistols may not be carried while hunting deer during the
muzzle loading firearm season.
● During the muzzleloading firearm season, only muzzleloading
rifles, muzzleloading shotguns and permitted archery equip ment
may be used. This applies to private lands and game lands.
● During the gun deer season, bow and arrows, pistols (as
defined under manner of taking) and muzzleloading
firearms are legal weapons.

I very much doubt that this regulation will ever be changed, but one never knows for sure.
P.S. I did try to indent, but it wouldn't let me.