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Open Carry Event on Plymouth State Univeristy Saturday 12/9 (~9-12 or until arrested)


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Aug 7, 2007
Granite State of Mind
Much new drama: not only does a Grafton Superior Court judge believe he has the authority to ban free speech, he feels he has the authority to compel speech.


Brad's (requested) response to WMUR, regarding the latest Virginia Tech shooting:


News about the planned protest, including national outlets:


As an aside, while the planned protest involves long arms, I believe that is simply for the sake of visibility. We all know open carry of handguns is often not noticed, but Brad and Tommy planned this to bring attention to the issue of the university system illegally banning guns, so visibility is vital to the event.


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Jun 16, 2008
Troy, Michigan, USA
from the press release:"We will be dressed professionally and will both be carrying an unconcealed, loaded, and slung rifle. Possession of the firearm is intended as being symbolic of the statement we are attempting to make. We present absolutely no threat to the safety of the public or any government official."was this just hot air? publicity stunt?


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Apr 21, 2010
Taylor, Wayne County, Michigan, USA
This is truly scary

It is getting harder to tell the difference between the thugs on either side of the law anymore for the average citizen. They both threaten and coerce to get their way! Example, give me your money or I will hurt you! Do this even though there is no basis in law for you to obey me, or I will take your freedom away!

The fact that judges are now legislating away constitutionally guaranteed rights on a regular basis from the bench should have every citizen screaming for justice in the street. Maybe in the near future, if this does not stop? Want another glaring example do a search in the Michigan forum for CADL.

Fellow country men and women, if we do nothing in the face of tyranny and evil, they will surely flourish! God save us all then.
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