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Open Carry in Bowling Green, KY


New member
Apr 18, 2007
Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA
imported post

I thought it be nice to share my experiences while open carrying for the last month in Bowling Green. I'm fairly new to the whole world of carrying a handgun but finally got around to signing up for CCDW class about a month ago and ended up discovering that open carry was legal so I've been giving it a try. All-in-all, I have only had two weird looks for having a pistol on my hip. One occurred at gas station when the cashier jokingly put his hands in the air and said ''Don't shoot''. An off-duty LEO I happen to know from campus was in line behind me and told him that wasn't funny and really wouldn't be funny if somebody else shot me cause they thought I was robbing the store, then he apologized to us both. The other was at a local grocery store and came from a father there with three young children and I took it more as him keeping a watchful eye out while he was with his kids, I wish more people would think that way. Other than that I haven't noticed getting a second look from anyone. I have made a point to go to a variety of places to test the waters. So far, both Wal-Marts, several gas stations, Hardees, McDonald's and Wendy's all on Russleville Rd, Fazolis, Hochens on 31-W, Barnes & Noble and Krogers on Campbell Lane. I packed a S&W SW9VE in a BULLDOG OWB holster.

Also, I should be getting my license in about another month or so and have been thinking about trading in my S&W for a SA XD-9 Sub-Compact, mainly because I'd like to get an internal laser and have a little smaller gun for CC, any thoughts?