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Pepper spray law in Mass, out of state resident...urgent reply needed


Regular Member
Jul 8, 2006
Michigan, USA
Hello there... going to be attending the westover air show this weekend. Im a CT resident, wondering if its legal for me to carry pepper spray (keychain size) in Mass as i know there are laws regarding purchasing and carrying.

Will be leaving shortly and would greatly appreciate information...

Not legal.

You can apply for a temporary license to carry firearms.

If you only want to carry spray, they will issue a Class B LTC which they will restrict to mace and spray in general.

$100 a year, and a trip to Chelsea.... Each renewal as well.


Regular Member
Sep 15, 2009
Little Axe, Oklahoma
Wasp Spray

Wasp spray is very effecive up to 20 feet. Aim for the head. It will blind all preditors 4 legged or 2. It is not against the law to carry wasp spray. It can be carried openly or concealed. Good luck


Activist Member
Dec 9, 2010
Ashland, KY
Wow. I wonder what the men that founded Massachusetts would think of the current law regarding the right to bear arms? Mace is not a weapon, it is a spray that causes irritation and nothing more! What a joke; and the republican party backs a Mass. Governor!