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Positive OC at Chili's West Lebanon


Regular Member
Jul 3, 2009
Charlottesville, VA
With the way LEO's have pursued it with in vehicles... likely having a loaded magazine on you outside of a concealed pistol will require you to have a license. Unload your magazine to be safe. People have been charged with car violations for having a magazine on a passenger seat with a pistol on their hip.

159:4 Carrying Without License. – A loaded pistol or revolver shall include any pistol or revolver "WITH" a magazine, cylinder, chamber or clip in which there are loaded cartridges.

I interpret this to mean if the loaded Mag is in the gun with out a license it is illegal, but if the mag is loaded and say in your pocket "not" in the gun it is legal.

Do you have any case law to cite to the contrary?