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Questions about Arizona costs


Regular Member
Jul 11, 2017
Planet Earth
Mods - if this doesn't belong here or is "inappropriate", go ahead and delete it.
With luck, I may soon be able to get out of "Obama-land" and I am considering the Prescott area and I have some questions. Hopefully, some of you that live in that area can help me out.
What I would like to find out is the cost of various utilities, meaning the "rate" they charge, as well as the property tax rates.
Is nearly everything in that area electric or is natural gas (home heating) available and the rates per therm/KwH? Water - rates and how they measure it (cubic feet or "acre feet")? Phones - base monthly rate for a landline? Trash pick-up if not municipal? Sewer - based on water usage or some other parameter? Thanks for your help.
p.s. It might be better to PM me rather than take up page space.


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Nov 21, 2018
Washington Island, WISCONSIN. Out in Lake Michigan