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So you want to buy a gun.


Campaign Veteran
Apr 2, 2007
Southeast, Missouri, USA
The military cleaning was more about discipline than it was function. If a gun will not work going into combat with light carbon it should not be issued.

I currently do not get anal about cleaning, they get cleaned after shooting, and once a year for rust prevention. Ones I carry get rubbed down when used to prevent rust, unless they are tupperware. The only time I take a gun down to it's basic parts is if the gun has been submerged in water. This has only happened once to me, fell in a creek. Fortunately the gun was my 1911 which is very easy to tear down to all the individual parts. That's one of the reasons I am a 1911 snob, yea that's right if you don't have a 1911 you are one of the unwashed masses.
Oh WalkingWolf, your comments cut so deeply. Both of our 1911's are on the DL, much to my disappointment. :cry:
Don't panic though. My Raven Arms .25 is working fine since the recoil spring was replaced. :cool: