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Students Petition for Tougher Gun Laws


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May 26, 2006
Alaska, USA
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Students Petition For Tougher Gun Laws
CHICAGO (CBS) ― More students are speaking out against gun violence in their neighborhoods.

They met Sunday to show Illinois lawmakers and the governor that they want tougher gun laws.

CBS 2's Pamela Jones reports that the high school students have collected more than 1,000 petition signatures.

Each stood with their own story of gun violence.

"It hurts me to see the youth, because I have a friend who died, Blair Holt, from gun violence,' said Christine Goggins, a student from the Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy.

"Before I was born, 18 years ago, a 16-year-old New Trier student shot and killed my aunt, uncle and their unborn baby. I never got to meet them," said Liz Jenkins, a New Trier High School student.

They're high school students who have been collecting more than 1,000 signatures from people who want stricter gun laws in Illinois.

"I really just want to see guns off the street, period," said Eddie Bland, a student at Al Raby High School.

The Illinois Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence says it wants the state to ban assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines – weapons like those reportedly used in the Virginia Tech shootings.

The group also wants required background checks for all gun buyers – no matter where they purchase guns.

"We know from ATF where illegal guns are coming from; many of them are coming from private sellers -- others are coming from gun dealers," said Nina Vinik of the Legal Community Against Violence.

Right now, Illinois requires gun owners to have a valid firearm owners identification card – which includes a background check. But sometimes people who shouldn't qualify slip through, like the suspect in the NIU shooting.

He'd received mental health treatment, but passed a background check and purchased his guns legally.

Supporters at today's press conference say the idea is to close loopholes that allow guns to get into the hands of criminals. But lawmakers say passing that kind of legislation is a difficult task.

"It's difficult because we have a regional issue. Legislators in downstate Illinois feel like we're impeding on their right to own handguns -- we're trying to remove guns from responsible gun owners and that's completely not the case," said Rep. Deborah Graham (D-78th).

The Illinois Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence formed last year to promote gun policy reform.

CBS 2 talked to a spokesman from the Illinois State Rifle Association. His group plans to oppose the gun lock and private sales legislation, saying gun locks make using a gun for self-defense almost impossible. And the spokesman says the background check already required in Illinois is strong enough.

There were no assault weapons used at Virginia Tech. Also, not one mention of criminals, just gun violence as though the inanimate objects that they are can just leap up and fly around shooting people. :quirky

The ignorance is astoundingand thebrain-washing, propaganda machine is evidently working well. :cuss: